Cabinet Hinges


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  • Blum Integrated Crab Hinge 71B7650

    Integrated Crab Hinge

  • SS Hinge Plate for CabinetsSS Hinge Plate for Cabinets

    SS Hinge Plate

  • blum 75T1550 110 degreeblum 75T1550 110 degree

    Hydraulic Cabinet Hinges


  • blum 107 degree

    Cabinet Hinges


  • Blum Integrated Hinge 110 Degree Onyx Black ColorBlum Integrated Hinge 110 Degree Onyx Black Color

    Hydraulic Cabinet Hinges

  • bifold corner hingebifold corner hinge

    Bifold Door Hinge

  • DTC Kitchen Cabinet Hinge HydraulicDTC Kitchen Cabinet Hinge Hydraulic

    Cabinet Hinge Hydraulic

  • sig plus hydraulic 3d hingesig plus hydraulic 3d hinge

    Hydraulic 3D Hinge

  • baifeibu wide open crab hingebaifeibu wide open crab hinge

    Corner 165 Degree Hinge

  • baifeibu hydraulic inset hingebaifeibu hydraulic half overlay hinge

    3D Hydraulic Hinge

  • blum 180 degree wide throw hingeblum 180 degree wide throw hinge

    Corner 170 Degree Hinge

  • Yale 3D Hydraulic HingeYale 3D Hydraulic Hinge

    Hydraulic Kitchen Hinge

  • blum bifold hinge 60 degreesblum bifold hinge 60 degrees

    Bifold Door Hinges


  • blum blind cornerBlum Blind Corner Inset 79B9550

    Blind Corner Hinge Inset


  • blum blind cornerBlum Blind Corner Overlay 79B9950

    Blind Corner Hinge Overlay


  • HF Hinge Set Top

    Clip Top Unsprung Hinge


Everything You Need to Know About Cabinet Hinges: A Brief Guide

Cabinet hinges are an essential component of any kitchen cabinet or furniture. The type of hinge you choose can affect the functionality and style of your cabinets. Here at Signature Hardware, we offer a wide range of cabinet hinges to meet your needs.

Blum hinges are a popular choice among homeowners and cabinet makers. These hinges are known for their high-quality construction and durability. Blum hinges are available in a variety of styles, including concealed hinges, which provide a sleek and modern look to your cabinets.

Concealed hinges are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens. These hinges are hidden from view when the cabinet door is closed, providing a clean and streamlined appearance. Our selection of concealed hinges includes both standard and soft close options, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your cabinets.

Soft close hinges are a great option for those looking to reduce noise and wear and tear on their cabinets. These hinges feature a mechanism that slows down the closing of the cabinet door, preventing slamming and reducing the risk of damage to the cabinet.

If you’re in need of cabinet door hinges, we offer a variety of options to suit your needs. Our selection includes traditional overlay hinges, as well as inset and full overlay hinges.

Looking for hydraulic kitchen cabinets? We offer a range of hydraulic hinges that provide smooth and effortless opening and closing of your cabinet doors. These hinges are a great option for those with heavy or large cabinet doors.

Upgrade your kitchen cabinets with our selection of high-quality cabinet hinges, including Blum, concealed, soft close, and more. Shop now and find the perfect fit for your kitchen cabinet hinges.

Door locks and handles are an important aspect of any home or building’s security. At Signature Hardware, we offer a wide selection of high-quality door locks and handles to ensure the safety of your property. Whether you’re looking for a simple and functional lock or a stylish handle that enhances the appearance of your door, we have a variety of options to meet your needs. With our range of door locks and handles, you can achieve both style and security for your home or business.

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