Kitchen Pole Basket System


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  • Pole System for KitchenWellmax Pole Column Basket PTJ016-40

    Pole 120 Fan Stand Rack


  • Pole System for KitchenWellmax Basket PTJ016-28

    Pole 360 Fan Stand


  • Pole System for KitchenWellmax Basket PTJ016-27

    Pole 360 Glass Holder


  • Pole System for KitchenWellmax Pole Column Basket PTJ016-34

    Pole 360 Round Basket


  • Pole System for KitchenWellmax Pole Column Basket PTJ016-35

    Pole 360 Round Basket


  • Pole System for KitchenWellmax Pole Column Basket PTJ016-36

    Pole 360 Round Shelf


  • Pole System for KitchenWellmax and Sig Plus brand Pole Pipe in 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm

    Stainless Steel Kitchen Pole


Signature Hardware introduces a revolution in kitchen organization with its innovative Kitchen Pole System, offering a streamlined solution for efficient storage and accessibility.

Versatile Kitchen Pole System:

Upgrade your kitchen storage game with Signature Hardware’s versatile Kitchen Pole System. This innovative solution allows you to maximize vertical space, transforming unused corners into organized hubs. With customizable features, the pole system adapts to your unique storage needs, providing a solution that complements both form and function.

Efficient Pole Basket Solutions:

Experience seamless organization with our pole basket solutions. These additions to the Kitchen Pole System offer a practical and stylish way to store kitchen essentials. From fruits and vegetables to utensils and cleaning supplies, the pole baskets ensure that everything has its designated place, creating a clutter-free and visually appealing culinary space.

Tailored Storage for Every Corner:

The beauty of the Kitchen Pole System lies in its adaptability. No corner is too challenging to organize with this innovative system. Whether you’re looking to optimize pantry space or create a functional corner in your kitchen, Signature Hardware’s pole system ensures that every inch is utilized efficiently, turning your kitchen into a model of organized elegance.

Sleek Design, Maximum Functionality:

Signature Hardware’s Kitchen Pole System marries sleek design with maximum functionality. The minimalist aesthetic of the poles and baskets adds a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen, while the efficient design ensures that every item is within reach when you need it. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and welcome a kitchen where organization is an art.

Elevate Your Culinary Space:

Embrace the transformative power of Signature Hardware’s Kitchen Pole System. Elevate your culinary space with efficient storage solutions that redefine the way you organize your kitchen. Explore the collection and discover how the innovative design of the pole system and the practicality of pole baskets can turn your kitchen into a streamlined, organized haven.

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