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  • Yale Passage Door Lock Round Knob Lock

    Passage Door Knob Lock

  • Yale Long Neck Pad Lock 50mm

    Long Shackle Pad Lock


  • Yale 3D Hydraulic HingeYale 3D Hydraulic Hinge

    Hydraulic Kitchen Hinge

  • Yale Door Closer YDC 2022 HOYale Door Closer YDC 2022 HO

    Door Closer Hold Open

    YDC 2022 HO

  • Yale Lockbody with Cylinder SN ColorYale Lockbody with Cylinder Black Color

    Lock Body with Cylinder

  • Yale Door Knob Lock 5122 AB

    Round Knob Lock AB Bathroom

    Lockset 5122

  • Yale Door Knob Lock 5122 SN

    Round Knob Lock SN Bathroom

    Lockset 5122

  • Yale Smart Lock YDR343Yale Smart Lock YDR343

    Smart Lock


  • Yale Smart Lock YDD324Yale Smart Lock YDD324

    Smart Lock


  • Yale Smart Lock YDME-80Yale Smart Lock YDME-80

    Smart Lock


  • Yale Smart Lock YDME 70Yale Smart Lock YDME 70

    Smart Lock


  • Yale Smart Lock YDME 50Yale Smart Lock YDME 50

    Smart Lock


  • Yale Smart Lock YDR 414Yale Smart Lock YDR 414

    Smart Lock

    YDR 414

  • Yale Drawer SlideYale Drawer Slide

    Drawer Sliding Channel

  • Yale Door Closer DCR 504 RYale Door Closer DCR 504 R

    Door Closer

    DCR 504 R

  • Yale RIm Lock YEL-200YNYale RIm Lock YEL-200YN

    Electric Rim Lock


Upgrade Your Home Security with Yale Locks: The Top Choice for Door Hardware in Pakistan

Secure your home or office with the trusted and reliable Yale locks and hardware. Yale is a well-known brand in the security industry, providing high-quality locks and security solutions for both residential and commercial spaces.

Yale offers a wide range of locks, from traditional mechanical locks to the latest smart locks that can be controlled through a mobile app. Their smart locks are not only convenient but also provide extra security features such as auto-locking and tamper alerts.

In addition to locks, Yale also offers door closers, which are essential for ensuring that doors are always properly closed and secure. They offer both surface-mounted and concealed door closers, providing options for different types of doors and installation preferences.

At Signature Hardware, we are proud to offer Yale locks and hardware in Pakistan. Our range of Yale products includes door locks, padlocks, door closers, and smart locks, among others. You can browse our selection online or visit our showroom in Karachi to see the products in person.

Yale is a brand that you can trust for all your security needs. With their high-quality locks and hardware, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home or office is safe and secure.

Safe provides the secure way to protect your cash, jewelry, documents etc in your home, offices and banks. To keep your belongings safe, we added Signature Digital Lockers and Digital Safe Drawer in our range of Safes

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