Tall Larder Units


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  • Sig Plus Stainless Steel + Glass Fridge Unit Pantry Unit PL022B

    Glass + SS Fridge Unit

    PL022B Glass

  • Stainless Steel Pantry Unit GSPTJ017K

    SS Pantry Unit

  • Sig Plus Fridge Unit HKGS022B 6ft 450mm

    Stainless Steel Fridge Unit


  • Glass + SS 6 Layer Fridge Unit PTJ022BGlass + SS 6 Layer Fridge Unit PTJ022B

    Glass + SS Fridge Unit

  • Glass + SS 6 Layer Pull Out Basket GLS012EGlass + SS 6 Layer Pull Out Basket GLS012E

    Glass + SS Tall Unit Basket

  • Wellmax Tall Unit PTJ012Wellmax Tall Unit PTJ012

    Tall Unit Basket


  • Blum Space Tower with Legrabox DrawersBlum Space Tower with Legrabox Drawers

    Legrabox Space Tower


  • Wellmax Space Unit PTJ220C for KitchenWellmax Space Unit PTJ220C

    Space Unit 6 Baskets


  • Wellmax PTJ022 Larder Tall Unit for storing kitchen itemsWellmax PTJ022 Larder Tall Unit for storing kitchen items

    Tall Larder Fridge Unit

    PTJ022B / PTJ022D


In the pursuit of a well-organized kitchen, Signature Hardware introduces two stellar solutions – the Pull Out Tall Larder Unit and the Fridge Unit. These versatile units are not just storage options; they are a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, designed to enhance your culinary space.

Pull Out Tall Larder Unit:

Signature Hardware’s Pull Out Tall Larder Unit is a game-changer for those seeking effortless organization. Imagine a unit that allows you to pull out shelves with ease, providing instant access to your pantry items. From spices to jars, every item finds its designated space, making your cooking routine seamless and enjoyable.

Streamlining Pantry Items:

Both the Pull Out Tall Larder Unit and the Fridge Unit are crafted with the purpose of streamlining pantry items. Whether it’s your extensive spice collection or an array of jars, these units ensure that everything is neatly organized and easily accessible. Say goodbye to cluttered shelves and hello to a well-arranged culinary haven.

Versatile Fridge Unit:

Signature Hardware’s Fridge Unit takes the concept of kitchen storage to new heights. This unit seamlessly integrates into your kitchen design while providing ample space for pantry items.

Efficiency Redefined:

The key feature of both units lies in redefining kitchen efficiency. The Pull Out Tall Larder Unit and Fridge Unit by Signature Hardware are not just storage solutions; they are a testament to intelligent design. The pull-out functionality and seamless integration of refrigeration make these units a must-have for those who value both form and function in their kitchen.

Upgrade your kitchen storage effortlessly with Signature Hardware’s Pull Out Tall Larder and Fridge Units. Experience a new level of organization as you bid farewell to kitchen clutter. Elevate your culinary space with these meticulously crafted units that redefine the art of kitchen organization.

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