Kitchen Bottle & Spice Rack


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  • Stainless Steel + Glass Spice Rack

    SS + Glass Spice Rack


  • Stainless Steel + Glass Pull Out Spice Rack for 300mm Basket

    SS + Glass 3 Layer Spice Rack


  • Sig Plus Stainless Steel 3 Layer Bottle Rack 28B

    SS 3 Layer Spice Rack


  • HKGS010I 400mm cabinet pull out basket in stainless steelHKGS010I 400mm cabinet pull out basket in stainless steel

    Pull Out SS Basket


  • Sig Plus Stainless Steel Spice Rack SD-24B for 200mm Box

    SS + Glass Side Hydraulic Pull Out Basket

  • Stainless Steel Side Pull Out Basket H1KGS023B

    SS Side Hydraulic Pull Out Basket

  • Wellmax Pull Out Drawer Basket PTJ004EWellmax Pull Out Drawer Basket PTJ004E

    3 Layer Hydraulic Base mount Spice Rack


  • Wellmax 3 Layer Side Basket KPTJ009FWellmax 3 Layer Side Basket KPTJ009F

    3 Layer Side Basket


  • Wellmax Spice & Bottle Rack PTJ023CWellmax Spice & Bottle Rack PTJ023C

    Bottle & Spice Rack Base Channel


  • Wellmax Bottle Rack Pull Out PTJ009DL-200Wellmax Bottle Rack Pull Out PTJ009DL-200

    Hydraulic Pull Out Side Bottle Rack

    PTJ009DL/DR 150/200

  • Wellmax Bottle Rack Pull Out Basket PTJ009IWellmax Bottle Rack Pull Out Basket PTJ009I

    Pull Out Side Bottle Rack


  • Wellmax Spice Rack 023DWellmax Spice Rack 023D

    3 Layer Bottle & Spice Rack Base Channel


  • Wellmax Spice Rack 023EWellmax Spice Rack 023E

    2 Layer Bottle & Spice Rack Basemount


  • Wellmax Movable Spice Rack PTJ043Wellmax Movable Spice Rack PTJ043

    Movable Spice Rack


  • Wellmax Pull Out Drawer Basket PTJ004BWellmax Pull Out Drawer Basket PTJ004B

    Pull Out Undermount Basket


  • Wellmax PTJ003C Side BasketWellmax PTJ003C Side Basket

    Pull Out Side Basket



In the heart of every well-organized kitchen is Signature Hardware, offering a stylish array of Spice and Bottle Racks. These functional additions not only keep your essentials in order but also add sophistication to your space.

Spice Rack Solutions:

Discover the art of organization with Signature Hardware’s spice racks. From countertop models to cabinet-friendly designs, find the perfect solution for your kitchen. These racks ensure your spices are always within reach, making your cooking experience seamless.

Tailored for Your Kitchen:

Signature Hardware understands that every kitchen is unique. Their range includes spice racks that fit seamlessly into any space. Explore versatile designs, from wall-mounted spice racks to cabinet-integrated solutions, keeping your kitchen organized without compromising style.

Cabinet Integration:

For a sleek look, Signature Hardware offers spice rack cabinets. These discreet cabinets not only organize your spices but also enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic. Enjoy the convenience of having all your spices tucked away in a stylish cabinet.

Bottle Racks for Every Occasion:

Complementing the spice racks are Signature Hardware’s bottle racks. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or an oil collector, these racks offer a functional and visually appealing storage solution. Choose from wall-mounted designs or standalone units to suit your kitchen’s style.

Transform your kitchen into an organized haven with Signature Hardware’s Spice and Bottle Racks. Explore the collection today, finding the perfect blend of functionality and design for your culinary adventures!

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