Kitchen Corner System


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  • 180 Degree Swivel Basket180 Degree Swivel Basket

    180 Degree Corner Swivel Basket

  • 270 Degree Swivel Basket270 Degree Swivel Basket

    270 Degree Swivel Corner Basket

  • Magic Corner Glass + Stainless Steel GLS017EMagic Corner Glass + Stainless Steel GLS017E

    Glass + SS Magic Corner


  • Wellmax Corner Basket 360 Revolving PTJ006LWellmax Corner Basket 360 Revolving PTJ006L

    Corner 360 Revolving Basket


  • Wellmax Corner Basket PTJ017EL-ERWellmax Corner Basket PTJ017EL-ER

    Magic Corner Basket


  • Wellmax Corner Basket PTJ017 HA/HBWellmax Corner Basket PTJ017 HA/HB

    Corner Basket

    PTJ017 HA/HB

  • Wellmax Half Moon Lazy Susan CZJ770GWellmax Half Moon Lazy Susan CZJ770G

    Lazy Susan 180 Degree Revolving Basket


  • Wellmax Round D Corner PTJ005Wellmax Round D Corner PTJ005

    Round D Corner


  • Peanut Magic Corner Sig Plus

    Peanut Magic Corner

    Sig Plus

  • Revolving Round Basket by WellmaxRevolving Round Basket by Wellmax

    Revolving Basket


  • Wellmax 270 Degree Revolving Basket PTJ006Wellmax 270 Degree Revolving Basket PTJ006

    270 Degree Revolving Basket



In the world of kitchen organization, Signature Hardware emerges as a frontrunner with its revolutionary Magic Corner Solutions. Transforming once overlooked spaces into functional hubs, these systems redefine how we utilize kitchen cabinet corners.

Magic Corner Unveiled:

Signature Hardware’s Magic Corner is a game-changer for those seeking to maximize every inch of their kitchen space. No longer will your cabinet corners be a labyrinth of forgotten items. With the Magic Corner pull-out system, accessibility meets innovation, ensuring that every pot, pan, or ingredient is within easy reach.

Kitchen Cabinet Corner Solutions:

Say goodbye to wasted space with Signature Hardware’s kitchen cabinet corner solutions. The Magic Corner pull-out system optimizes storage, making the most of those hard-to-reach corners. It’s the ultimate corner solution for efficient storage, offering a seamless solution to keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free.

Peanut Corner Brilliance:

Introducing the “peanut corner” concept, Signature Hardware’s innovation takes inspiration from nature’s efficient use of space. The Magic Corner pull-out system adapts this idea to kitchen cabinets, allowing for a fluid and space-maximizing corner solution. Embrace the smart design that turns your corners into a culinary haven.

Effortless Magic Corner Pull-Out:

The beauty of Signature Hardware’s Magic Corner lies in its simplicity. Effortlessly pull out the unit, revealing a treasure trove of neatly organized items. The smooth gliding mechanism ensures ease of use, turning your once cumbersome corners into a focal point of efficiency in your kitchen.

Discover the transformative power of Signature Hardware’s Magic Corner Solutions. Say goodbye to kitchen cabinet corner woes and embrace a new era of organized, functional, and space-maximizing culinary spaces. Upgrade your kitchen today with the ultimate corner solution for efficient storage and innovation that speaks volumes in both design and practicality.

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